Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hello there! Only one way to describe this year ....busy, busy, busy!!! ...and loving it! Not content with running myself ragged looking after pharmacy ...i've gone and set up a sub-label off Pharmacy. This delightful little project goes by the name of Le De Records with a website on it's way shortly.

So....upcoming releases on Le De Records are:

B-Dolls (moondust single out now, and album to follow in May) is the collaboration between Matt and Andi from The Mavis's. This stuff is huge fun - a wonderful slab of pure pop ...with a brain!

Princess One Point Five (aka Sarah-Jane Wentzki fom I Want a Hovercraft) is popping out a single on Le De in a matter of weeks as a promo for a wonderful, wonderful debut album due for release in late March. Drop us an email if you'd like a copy of the single ...and of course, the album will be available in store early April. This is a fantastic album and check live news for both the single launch ( at The Empress) and the album launch (at Manchester Lane).

Tugboat are currently in the studio and will be releasing an album through Le De in August 2005.

From the Pharmacy side of the world, the next cab off the rank is the second album from Silver Ray empressario - Cam Butler. A grand, beautiful album complete with 20 piece string section, the album 'Go Slow will be out in March in Australia having already secured a release for this opus in the UK and Europe.

Incidently, Silver Ray returned from their European tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds beneath a veritable mountain of amazing reviews for their third album 'Humans' in no less weighty tomes as The Times, Mojo, UnCut and The Guardian. The band are taking a break for a while - meanwhile I'm hoping to secure a European release for thier debut album, the classic 'This is Silver Ray'.

Alex Jarvis's exceptional EP 'Luxury and Denial' continues to receive stacks of airplay in the lead up to the release of his debut album in late May which is currently being mixed by Greg Wales. The 'sensational Alex Jarivs Band' have been playing some corker live shows so keep an eye on the live section as they are well worth checking out.

Grand Salvo is currently putting the finishing touches to his third album amusingly titles 'Death' which will be coming out through Perservence Records before mid-year.

Expect albums from Diving Bell and Registered Nurse this year as well! Struggling once again to find time to complete the thrid Nurse album - but if the creek don't flood (huh! - Melbourne weather) our third album 'Blind in One Eye' will be out in August with a promo EP launch at the Tote in March.

...and last but definitely not least - the mighty Black Cab play their last, last show for the increadible 'Altamont Diaries' on the 22nd of Feb at The Corner with the Delgados. No more Australian shows after that - instead the band will be heading back into the studio to emerge (hopefully) with another outstanding album. In the meantime, 'Altamont Diaries' is already generating label interest in the UK and Europe ....and so hoping to return the the land of beer and sausage later this year.

Well Folks, thanks for your time and support ....oh, and patience for not having updated the news section for quite a while.


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