Monday, September 06, 2004
"The Cosmic Ballet continues.."

I could once again blame alien abduction for the almost criminal delay in updating the news section of our humble little label - but I seem to remember using that same excuse before.

Needless to say that one of the main reasons for the delay is not that there hasn't been any news - it's more a case of the label being so damned busy that this is one the first opportunities I've had to get around to actually sitting down to write something.

I'm not even sure where to start!

Well ...Santa now has a helper! Yes, after attempting to run this whole crazy thing single-handed for the past six years, I'm delighted to announce that Emma Ireland from One Eyed Dog Management has come on board the good ship Pharmacy to help with various tasks, duties and drinking competitions! Enquiries can still be directed to me at or to Emma at

Now.... the BIG news is that Silver Ray have been confirmed as the support for Nick Cave and the Bad Seed's European tour in November this year. This fantastic news for the band who continue to recieve rave reviews form the notoriously fickle UK press since the release of 'New Love' in the UK earlier this year. There new album 'Humans' (which by now you should all have a copy of) - will also be released in the UK to coincide with the tour. We all wish them well - and come on down to the 'Ray benefit at the Empress on October the 9th (with Black Cab) to help raise some much needed cash for the tour.

Speaking of Black Cab - their debut album 'Altamont Diary' continues to sell in very lovely amounts and thanks to all for the massive support shown to such a fantastic album. After a series of crazy Melbourne shows, the band are taking a bit of a break before heading up to Sydney in November and it's all looking rather good for some festival shows over summer. We are looking at recording the next album early next year with the plan to head over to Europe in 2005.

The next Pharmacy release is the wonderful 'Seconds' EP from Alex Jarvis which currently having the final spit and polish applied to it and is due for release on the 11th of October. Believe me - it's not quite like anything you've heard before with a full length album coming out early next year.

Othere releases coming up are the next installment from Registered Nurse with a new album 'Blind in One Eye' due for release on the 15th of November. New albums are also under construction from the wonderful Diving Bell and Cam Butler for release early next year.

Well, M'Dear's - it's been quite a year already with a number of Pharmacy acts beginning to make inroads into Europe, where you can buy a sausage at 3.00am and beer is cheaper than milk!

Wish us luck for the rest of the year and thankyou once again for the wonderful support shown to our rather wonderful and unque little label.

....and beware of aliens!


Richard Andrew
Pharmacy Records
Melbourne, Australia