Thursday, March 18, 2004
March '04 transmission from Pharmacy's very own Dear Leader

Dear Fellow travellers,

Yes, I have broken my own record for tardiness in not having updated this little section for about five months - a record that I hope I don't break again!

Still, I have a relatively valid excuse. For those of you who don't know, I toured the 'Nurse through Europe from October to December last year. Aside from being an amazing experience, I also managed to cart a totally disfunctional laptop around Europe which ended being pretty effective for holding doors open and was a marvellous paper weight ....but a lousy computer! Thus, I had to rely on the wonders of European Internet cafes in which most of emailing time was spent ensuring that the band had somewhere to stay, and avoiding deportation. So, that's excuse number one.

I guess that this is hardly the forum for it, but excuse number two involves returning home only to have my heart absolutely and utterly broken. Still that's life I guess, and I'm only just now (after four months) crawling out of the emotional plane crash and thinking ......what the hell, I've got a label to run here! Well, it's keeps my mind off it anyway.

So there you have it.....apologies dispensed with, I can now get on to what's coming up in the land of Pharmacy.

The next cab of the rank is a wonderful project which goes by the name of 'Black Cab' which will be a joint Pharmacy / Interstate 40 release. Fantastic stuff - kind of a cross between the Chemical Brothers and The White Stripes with raw guitars, live drums and electronics and is loosely based on the notorious Rolling Stones 'Altamont Concert'. The album 'Altamont Diaries' will be out in May and also has various members of the infamous 'Nurse guesting on the album.

Also in late May will be the long awaited third album from Silver Ray. Recorded only last week in one mammoth session - the album promises to be wonderfully raw and loose with that trademark 'Ray musical interplay. Incidently, 'New Love' was released in the UK earlier in the year and has already earned high praise from the the UK music press including 4 out of 5 stars in the much respected UnCut Magazine.

In 'Ray related news - Cam Butler is also putting the finishing touches to what will be an absolutely amazing album to be released in August. We had the pleasure earlier in the week of recording a marvellous 20 piece string section which has laid the basis for for drums and guitar to be added. The word 'symphonic' comes somewhere near describing an absolutely beautiful, powerful album. Needless to say, Cam's been a busy boy of late!

Meanwhile, heartbreak has proved to be a boon for the 'Nurse - with a whole stack of new stuff in the process of being recorded. To capitalise on the small but important splash the band made in Europe with the release of 'Young Husbands', the 'Nurse are looking to release two singles over the next three months (both here and in the UK) with their third alum due for release around September this year. Having played everything we know to death on the European tour, they are looking forward to showcasing a whole set of new stuff in special once a month shows during the year, so keep an eye on the Pharmacy gig guide for details.

Diving Bell have a whole stack of wonderful new music and shows coming up and will hopefully have their second album out this year.

Grand Salvo too keeps blowing me away with his writing and incredible live shows and if I can twist his arm just enough so that he can still play guitar - I'm really hoping to have another album from the curly topped one by the end of the year.

Well Folks, my fingers hurt! Thank you so much for your patience and support over the years and here's too a wonderful year full of tasty music from Pharmacy.

Cheers Big Ears.

Richard Andrew