Monday, November 17, 2003

Howdy Folks,

My, my - it has been a while since my last little message, but for those of you who didn't know - I'm currently on tour in Europe with Registered Nurse.

Now from what I can remember, the tour is going really well with a stack of shows played to a rapt response in Germany and Amsterdam ....which is where we are spending a few well earned days off before we head over to the UK and Ireland for another barrage of 'Nurse shows there.

So far Berlin has been the absolute highlight of the tour. It would have to be the world's greatest city where, for example - one can smoke practically anywhere, the buildings, streets and people are amazing and best of is cheaper than milk!

Things are looking very good for the UK with the Nurse recently signing to Kennel Records (Regurgitator) and have Europe wide distribution through Pinnacle and......tracks being added to UK radio playlists as I write. Expecting an hysterical (yet muted) welcome when we land in the UK on Monday night.

I have been keeping a 'mental diary' of events, and provided I can maintain some seblence of sanity, I will expand on events when we return to Australia in December after a nice cup of tea and a lie down.

Until then, keep checking on the news section for updates and now I'm off to try and sort out some sort of accomadation for the boys. Anyone have a spare broom closet in London?

Cheers for Amsterdam!

Richard Andrew
Pharmacy Records / Registered Nurse