Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Pharmacy goes porno!

Hello there,

Once again forgive my tardiness in updating this little section. In the great tradition of 'Catch 22' - there has been a little too much news for me to find the time to let you know about it.

Anyhoo....let's begin.

Cam Butler's new album 'Crazy Dreams' out NOW! Cam is the handsome face and main dude behind Silver Ray and the album has already gaining a 'shed- load' of airplay in the lead up to the launch in Melbourne on Friday the 5th of September at The tote in Collingwood. The album will also be available online shortly as will a free track in the mp3 section.

Registered Nurse have just snaffled the main support for Interpol @ the Corner Hotel on Thursday the 7th of August....yep....we can't quite believe it either!

The European tour in October is stumbling along like a drunk man on roller skates which is taking up a considerable amount of my rather limited time. At the moment it's a bit like trying to fire an over-cooked pea at a speeding car. I'm waiting on firm confirmation from the 'very interested' noises made by promoters in Denmark and the Netherlands, the German dates have moved to late October and the UK is still 'schwinging in the breeze' for mid November. In other words, after sending out a heap of promo stuff...it's now a matter of hurry up and wait! I'd challenge anyone to find a more difficult and time consuming task than trying to arrange a first time European tour for an (as yet) unknown band. Still, it will be worth it as I still plan to relocate the label to Berlin in late 2004.

Diving Bell continue to impress with a series of fantastic live shows - augmented (I love that word) by their now permanent brass section so keep an eye on the live section for dates.

Grand Salvo is still in Europe and is currently playing a festival somewhere in Finland. Still not sure quite when he is due back ....I can only assume it's once he had thawed out. Needless to say I'm rather looking forward to having him back.

The web address of pharmacyrecords.net has run into a spot of bother. Well, it's my fault really. I went renew it today after it had lapsed for ohhhh, about 9 months, only to find that it's been taken by someone else. But not just anyone, it's been taken by a website dedicated to lots of well endowed people who really seem to like each other. It must be warm too as they don't seem to be wearing much. So, if you are looking for something other than high quality Australian music - go there. Needless to say that richard@pharmacyrecords.net no longer works either. Still, one day I'll be able to look back and laugh....in twenty years or so!

Well my lovelies, that's about it for the moment. Cam Butler's fantastic album will be the last Pharmacy release for this year as I'll be off in Europe for the last part of 2003. However, there will be a stack of new releases from Silver Ray, Registered Nurse, Grand Salvo and Diving Bell in 2004.

Stay Warm.

Richard Andrew
Pharmacy records