Thursday, May 15, 2003

Your patience has been rewarded!

Hello everyone,

Once again I've been off fighting that twelve-headed monster known as 'time management' which has kept me from updating this little section of late. Far from having slain monster, we sat down had a nice cup of tea and agreed that it was about bloody time I updated the here goes:

The magic of mp3 technology has arrived. Yes, good people you can now download up to twelve (count 'em) tracks from the entire Pharmacy roster for FREE! So get those modems workin'.

Diving Bell, as you should know have a magnificent debut album 'Alpine Fantasy' out now. The album launch last week was a huge success - lots of lovely punters, the band were fantastic and the tap-dancer....well, extraordinary! I still don't quite remember how I got home.

Registered Nurse are finally playing another's a while off (Friday 20th June @ The Empress) but worth sticking in your diary...or whatever. The band head back into the studio shortly to follow up the critically acclaimed 'Young Husbands' for a new album scheduled for release in late August. The European tour plans are progressing nicely with the tour scheduled for Sept/Oct this year. The only hitch (as usual) is funding, so anyone with tax problems are more than welcome to throw some money our way. In fact, it's more fun than throwing money at a burning car. Hello Dr Freud.

Grand Salvo returns from a successful run of shows in Berlin and I must say it will be lovely to have him back home. Stay tuned for upcoming Australian shows.

Silver Ray will be taking a short break as Cam Butler prepares for the release of his debut solo album 'Crazy Dreams' in July. Folks, this album is me, I'm a doctor. Seriously though, it's a magnificent piece of work, lots of brass and strings....with that beautiful hypnotic quality.

Well, oh patient ones, that should do you for the moment. I promise not to leave it so long next time.

In the meantime, I've finished my cuppa.....and so it's back to the monster!

Take Care all.

Richard Andrew
Pharmacy Records